Fabio C. P. Navarro

About me

I am a Postdoctoral Associate mentored by Mark Gerstein at Yale University

My research is focused on understanding how Genomic Variations result in phenotypic variations in eukaryotic genomes, under healthy and pathogenic conditions. I am interested in understanding the origin of genetic variation across and within individuals, populations, and species. In particular large structural variations such as retrotransposition, rearrangements, and translocations. To better understand these topics, I use novel computational methodologies and cutting-edge sequencing technologies to investigate genomes and transcriptomes. The goal of my research is to understand how these variations influence gene expression patterns and, consequently, relate to phenotype variation. Visit my research page to learn more.

Selected recent publications

A genome-wide landscape of retrocopies in primate genomes.
Navarro F. et al. Genome Biology and Evolution, 2015 Jul; | pdf

Gene Copy-Number Polymorphism Caused by Retrotransposition in Humans.
Schrider D. and Navarro F. et al. PLOS Genetics, 2013 Jan; v. 9, p. e1003242 | pdf

Distinct patterns of somatic alterations in a lymphoblastoid and a tumor genome derived from the same individual.
Galante et al. Nucleic Acid Research, 2011 Apr; 39 (14): 6056-6068 | pdf

Visit my publications page for the full list.