Fabio C. P. Navarro


The EN-TEx resource of multi-tissue personal epigenomes & variant-impact models
[...], Navarro F. et al. Cell, 2023 March; | pdf
* Shared second authors

TeXP: Deconvolving the effects of pervasive and autonomous transcription of transposable elements
Navarro F. et al. Plos CompBio, 2019 Aug; | pdf

Genomics and data science: an application within an umbrella
Navarro F. et al. Genome Biology, 2019 May; | pdf

Comprehensive functional genomic resource and integrative model for the human brain
[...], Navarro F. et al. Science, 2018 Dec; | pdf
* Shared first authors

FusorSV: an algorithm for optimally combining data from multiple structural variation detection methods
T Becker et al. Genome Biology, 2018 March; | pdf

Repeat associated mechanisms of genome evolution and function revealed by the Mus caroli and Mus pahari genomes
D Thybert et al.Genome Research, 2018 March; | pdf

Diverse human extracellular RNAs are widely detected in human plasma
J Freedman et al. Nature Communications, 2016 April; | pdf

The PsychENCODE project.
PsychENCODE Consortium. Nature Neuroscience, 2015 November; | Paywalled pdf

A genome-wide landscape of retrocopies in primate genomes.
Navarro et al. Genome Biology and Evolution, 2015 Jul; | pdf

*Cover by Fabio Navarro
Prague Zoo Gorilla - 2014

ICRmax: an optimized approach to detect tumor-specific interchromosomal rearrangements for clinical application.
Donnard et al Genomics, 2015 May; | pdf

Mutational analysis of genes coding for cell surface proteins in colorectal cancer cell lines reveal novel altered pathways, druggable mutations and mutated epitopes for targeted therapy.
Donnard et al Oncotarget, 2014 Aug; | pdf

Gene Copy-Number Polymorphism Caused by Retrotransposition in Humans.
Schrider et al. PLOS Genetics, Jan 2013; | pdf

RCPedia: a database of retrocopied genes.
Navarro et al. Bioinformatics, 2013 Mar; | pdf

SPLOOCE: a new portal for the analysis of human splicing variants.
Kroll et al. RNA Biology, 2012 Nov; v. 9 (11), p. 1339 - 1343 | pdf

Distinct patterns of somatic alterations in a lymphoblastoid and a tumor genome derived from the same individual.
Galante et al. Nucleic Acid Research, 2011 Apr; | pdf

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